Sharing Elma’s Legacy

I was lucky enough to be adopted by and raised by Hemmingers. My Mom, Elma lived with love, learning, generosity and compassion. Because I have created my business, life, and friendships from Elma’s values, I am sharing her legacy. I am hoping I can touch your heart as she touched mine.



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010 – The Fabric & Threads That Thicken

How do you create the fabric and threads in your life? Imagine that every connection you have with other people is represented by a thread. The threads may be thicker or thinner depending on the person or circumstances, and they all form the fabric of life. The more...

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009 – The Neighborhood Walkabout

After a long workday, it can be tempting to sit indoors watching TV. However, getting out to meet people and make connections is likely much more fulfilling! Val Hemminger explains that even a simple walk around the neighborhood can lead to new friendships,...

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008 – Guidelines For Living

Do you have a set of guidelines for living? If so, what are they? If not, let this episode of Growing Up Hemminger serve as inspiration! Val Hemminger shares her top 12 guidelines for living. These include everything from forgiveness practice to keeping a clean home....

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007 – Cherishing Every Moment

Val has been focusing on the positive aspects of human connections and spending time with others, but today delves into some of the opposites. Sometimes people can irritate each other! It’s normal for this to happen, but always remember to cherish the moments and...

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006 – It Takes A Village

By definition, the word “sober” sounds boring. Since we generally use the word sober as relating to alcohol, does that mean anybody who doesn’t drink is boring? Of course not. Val reframes the idea of “sober” and explains why we aren’t necessarily sober simply because...

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005 – Human Connections

It’s easy to brush somebody off as strange, mean, grumpy, or awkward. But, you may be surprised what can actually happen if you get to know such a person. Val shares a story explaining how she did just this and ended up making a new friend. You benefit by bringing...

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004 – The Summer of the War of the Shorts

Exploring the idea that “it takes a village to raise a child,” Val shares a story from her childhood. Val was delighted when part of her wardrobe transformed from dorky to cool, thanks to a friend’s mom. However, Val’s own mother was not so impressed. In the end,...

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003 – Hangin’ Out Like Our Ancestors

Our ancestors thrived by being in groups and tribes. Val discusses the benefits of this, why we shouldn’t be limited to just the nuclear family, how we can emulate how our ancestors lived, and how the Hemmingers did just that. With most households having two working...

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002 – The Threads that Connect Us

Each relationship is a thread that connects us, some stronger and some fainter but all forming fabric of life. Val discusses the importance of community and friendship, whether you apply it to raising children, knowing your neighbors, or other areas of life. This is...

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001 – Introduction

Welcome to the Growing Up Hemminger Podcast! In this episode, Val introduces the podcast, gives some insight into why she’s starting it, and what you’ll hear in future episodes. Val Hemminger creates business, life, projects, and friendships that make our...

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