You too can experience the power and force of deep love, not only from the family you were born into but the one you create!

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Embrace Relying Upon Others

Too busy to read? You can listen to the podcast instead!   In today’s episode I want to talk about our culture of independence and how it may not be the best thing for us. A number of years ago I had my Tarot cards read. Now, for some of you that might sound a bit...

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Who’s Val?

I am Val Hemminger. It is my mission to help you create your own family village. Many of us live busy lives and yet in a world that is increasingly lonely. I want to help you connect with those you live with and love. I am here to help you create new friendships and family connections not necessarily based upon biology.

Our ancestors thrived because they lived in extended family groups, tribes, and communities. They did not flourish while living in small, individual, little nuclear family pods. Yet, this massive constructed error is how many of us live today a lot of the time.

I was adopted and raised by Elma and Julius Hemminger. Our life together shaped how I interact with my family and friends, and run my business too.  To read more about me, click here.

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