021 – How to Defend Against Crushing Stress

Contrary to what a lot of people say, anger, fear, and sadness are all a necessary part of life. Problems with these emotions arise when our fear causes us to become paralyzed, our anger to rage, or our sadness tips us into despair. This is what can happen when we...

018 – Embrace Relying Upon Others

We need interconnectedness to thrive and do well in life. When Val once had a Tarot reading, she was told that her success and happiness in life would depend on her working with others and giving to others. At the time, Val felt a sense of shame or embarrassment that...

016 – Gezelligheid: Creating Happy The European Way

“The greatest ingredient for human happiness is being with other people.” Gezelligheid is a Dutch word that relates to the heart. It encompasses the heart of Dutch culture. Val is currently visiting Haarlem in the Netherlands and experiencing Gezelligheid first-hand....

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