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Today I want to talk about how you can become a cultural ambassador. Or rather, how we are all of us already cultural ambassadors, whether we mean to be or not!

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“Be the change you want to see in the world” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Today I want to talk about how you can become a cultural ambassador. Or rather, how we are all of us already cultural ambassadors, whether we mean to be or not!

Consider this: how we behave has a ripple effect. We have the power to affect significant change in our workplace, in our friendships, and in our marriages, just in going about our daily business. It all starts with our attitude.

Now, I’m not saying you need to be positive all the time. No one is positive all the time. It’s impossible! And being inauthentic will put people off. But, it can be hard to not get sucked into other people’s negativity. Negative energy seems to come at us from all directions – in real life, in the media, and even in the TV shows we watch.

In response to all this negativity, I’ve developed three key methods for maintaining my own high levels of positive energy: I keep a gratitude journal, I filter the media and TV shows that I interact with, and I’ve started the Your Family Village project.

Gratitude Journal

The gratitude journal is a simple, easy way to create positive energy. Every day I sit down and write out three things that I’m grateful for. As I write them out I’m focusing my energy on being grateful. This puts a positive spin on how I present myself to the world. Since the gratitude journal requires that I find new things to be grateful for every day, I’ve had to actively start looking for things to be grateful for. The result is that I’ve trained my brain to be grateful for almost everything. I’ve started to see the world in a different way!

Filter what you watch

Go on a media fast. I’ve lived in an almost exclusive media fast since I was a teenager, and during two major slip-ups (the Toronto mayor Rob Ford scandal, and the ongoing issues with our Southern neighbours) I noticed that I was getting sucked in to a void of negativity. After the second slip-up I decided is this: if I’m not going to be part of the solution for a world problem, I can’t spend my time and energy on it.

Stop reading the comments section if you’re not going to be a part of the solution!

Don’t watch garbage TV shows. Ask yourself:

  • How does this series uplift my life?
  • How does it uplift how I think about the world?
  • Can I see communities in the series holding each other up, are they striving to see the positive?
  • Am I taking lessons from what I’m watching, am I looking at how they might impact my life?

Your Family Village

I created this project to spread positivity and happiness! Your Family Village is all about you creating your own family, creating your own extended family, and your own family village, through interacting with others in a positive, meaningful way.

So! My challenge to you is this: become aware of the impact that you have on those around you, and step into your role as a cultural ambassador in your community.

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