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Hi – I’m Val Hemminger and I show (separated or divorced) women in the prime of their lives how to improve their relationships, achieve financial abundance, and experience everlasting joy. 

I am 52 years old and thriving. I want to show you how you can thrive too. I’m here to help you unlock breakthrough results . . . using methods I’ve uncovered during two decades of practicing family law. That’s right – I’m a divorce lawyer. For 22 years I’ve been battling biases… conquering courtroom connivers… and wrestling wrongs in the context of the family law courtroom.

My story is that about 10 years ago, although I was a very busy lawyer with a successful law practice, I then made a very big financial mistake. I purchased some real estate for my law practice and lost, no kidding, no exaggeration, a million dollars, plus nine years of working very hard with not only nothing to show for it, but I went deeper and deeper into debt. This financial loss wreaked havoc not only in my personal finances, but in my family, and even impacted my status in my profession.

Despite having been to hell and come back in my business, I began recreating a life with huge abundance. But then, my  husband and I separated. Something I felt deep shame about, and something that I never imagined would happen. I found myself in the same place as the newly-single women I have worked with for many years. 

Even though I have been a divorce lawyer for more than two decades, I now too found myself recreating my life and path through unfamiliar terrain. 

My work is now about helping mature women, Golden Goddesses, to grow joyfully abundant lives, by showing them how to improve their relationships, finances and overall feelings and circumstances of well-being.

I have done this for myself and I want to show you how to do it yourself.

The many busy professional and overwhelmed women I have helped have recreated their lives from feeling lonely, disconnected, broke, and isolated, to having new beginnings and lives full of connection, financial prosperity, and hope. Work with me to recreate the canvas of your life of possibility. 

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Email: val@valhemminger.com

Phone: 250-881-4600

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