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Hi – I’m Val Hemminger and I show (often separated or divorced) women in the prime of their lives how to improve their relationships, achieve financial abundance, and experience everlasting joy.


I am 52 years old and thriving. I want to show you how you can thrive too. I’m here to help you unlock breakthrough results… using methods I’ve uncovered during two decades of practicing family law. That’s right – I’m a divorce lawyer. For 22 years I’ve been battling biases… conquering courtroom connivers… and wrestling wrongs until they’re right.


You can find me in court once or twice every week… including two or three Supreme Court trials a year, plus many interim applications. I also do tons of mediation work and settlement meetings with my clients and other opposing lawyers and their clients… mostly hearing about families being split apart by finances, philandering and addiction.


Despite having been to hell and come back in my business, I have created a life with huge abundance. Precisely because I am so good at my job, I watch newly-single women try to pick their paths through unfamiliar terrain. Wanting to help them got me thinking…


Remember how Oprah switched from trying to out-Springer Jerry Springer… to broadcasting only hope and love? Well part of my work is now choosing to help women grow joyfully abundant, by showing them how to improve their relationships, finances and overall feelings of well-being.


The many women I have helped live busy lives, in a world that is increasingly lonely. I want to help you connect with those you live with and love. I am here to help you create new friendships and family connections, not necessarily based upon biology.

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Email: val@hemmingerlawgroup.com

Phone: 250-881-4600

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