Private One on One Coaching


Because you are a Golden Goddess …

You’re are just 90 days away from revolutionizing your life!

We will work together with laser focus to revolutionize your relationships, finances, health, or your transform your feelings to abundant joy.


  • Do you want a more connected and abundant life, yet you’re not sure how to make that happen?

  • Are you thinking, “Wait a second… I have a lot more life and love to experience. I’m not ready to pack it in!”


Your Revolutionized Life of Profound Joy is Here for You Starting Right Now!


Having everything you want from your health, relationships and finances is closer to reality than you think possible.

Like almost anything, if you take a bit of time to learn a few simple and proven secrets, the rest is ridiculously easy. Let me teach you tactics that will run right past the fear, uncertainty and doubt that sets in every time you wonder why your life isn’t going the way you thought it would. 


Go from being what society considers a “middle-aged” woman (gross, I know) to embrace the Golden Goddess in you. 

When we’re deeply connected with our loved ones, it’s easier for us to create all the things we want…


  • That new relationship

  • Financial stability and abundance

  • That body we’ve been hoping for that’s eluding us.

Does that seem miraculous? 

Well I know miracles happen, because… I’ve made them happen for me. Let me be your guide helping you create your miraculous life!

I’m ready to start my Abundant Life! And here is my information to apply.

How the Program Works


Having everything you want from your relationships and finances isn’t rocket surgery. Like almost anything, if you take a bit of time to learn a few simple and proven secrets, the rest is ridiculously easy. Let me teach you strategies that will run right past the fear, uncertainty and doubt that sets in every time you wonder why your life isn’t going the way you hoped it would.

What You will get when you work with me:


  • A pre-call questionnaire to help me understand you better and get VERY CLEAR about which part of your life we are going to revolutionize in our work together. I do not work with everyone, so this will help me understand that you are ready to take radical responsibility for your life. 
  • 90 days of calls (bi-weekly) of 60 to 90 minutes (via Zoom or the telephone.) The Zoom calls are recorded so you can re-listen and review them as often as you wish. You can’t learn every detail from a live call because our brains are just like that. We weed out a lot of information. By re-watching or listening to our time together, you will learn more information, and cement the principles you are learning into your conscious and sub-conscious mind, thus moving you towards deep transformation. 
  • 1 x 45 minute wrap up call
  • Email + text message access for a little support on the side
  • Bi-weekly transformational homework and resources to keep you on track as you move through this profoundly life-changing process. 
  • $2,500 to $3,500 depending on the level of attention/strategy and input you need (payable with four equal payments on the first of each month of our time together).  

Your personal coaching calls are PRIVATE– between you and me only. Ask me anything about your relationships or finances, safely knowing it won’t go any farther than my ears and brain. How can you be sure? Remember on TV that thing known as Attorney-Client privilege? It means whatever a client tells me is protected, and private, between us, forever. Keeping your knowledge private is what I’ve been doing for over two decades, making it naturally easy for me to maintain your privacy. I take your privacy SERIOUSLY.

 Bonus Resources

My list of powerful reading materials and resources that helped me move to where I am today. You can pick and choose books and articles that totally inspire you and help you grow and transform and step into BE-ing the Golden Goddess that you are. 

Habits of the successful person

Other Resources to make you Healthier, Happier and Help you Create Your Community and Extended Family


Your Abundant Family Village Online Course

You’ll have on-demand lifetime access to Your Abundant Family Village Online Course throughout our coaching sessions, and beyond! I want you to be fully equipped to create happiness and joy in a life of rich relationships. Your course comes complete with with all modules, downloads, and resources necessary to set your course for abundance in the rest of your life.

I’m ready to start my Abundant Life!

Together you and I will create the foundation of your fabulous life – in less than four months.


Your investment in a life of rich relationships, finances, health, or that hot body that has been eluding you is not cheap, but a huge value to transform your life. 

Now it’s obvious that you know there is way more to life than what you have been experiencing. You know that your time to really shine is now. 

It’s equally obvious that you haven’t yet acquired exactly what will reward you with the promise of abundance – abundance you’ve always known deep down is yours to enjoy. 

The fact that you’re still reading means that you want to revolutionize your relationships, your financial abundance, your goals in general . . . and you want to feel joy all the time.

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