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Hello Golden Goddess,

Working with My coach has helped me be in alignment with my direction, process and financial abundance and this has caused my digital business to profit! All the pieces of my purpose and abundance are fitting together and flow.

Hemminger Law Group Westshore (My law firm) has attracted two more associates to our loving law group family (as well as Davis being called to the bar)— they Are thrilled to be part of the Hemminger Law Group Westshore family and we are thrilled to have them — things at the firm continue to be abundant and all is flowing.

I Have built something as powerful, helpful, and impactful for Golden Goddesses in the same way as the Female Entrepreneurs Association has done for female entrepreneurs and Business by Design has done for online business owners.

I powerfully lead my Golden Goddess inspired digital business which has taken off and is thriving and it includes digital products, coaching, a membership site, affiliates, speaking, my books being written and published. My work has fully transitioned to my Golden Goddess inspired business. I live expansively and am impacting others with what I am learning and sharing – the message of joy, abundance, transformation, and creating extended “family” villages — That our lives can transform and revolutionize for the better after separation.

I have joyfully released weight to 145 fit, healthy and flexible pounds as a result of me joyfully feeding my body high quality keto and paleo foods and attending regularly scheduled gym workouts. It is my fun habit to lift weights daily while listening to great upbeat and fun music.

Our home is transformed to a small but vibrant co-housing family village and I live with others who work here – Our downstairs bathroom is finished. We have additional rooms and places to hang out and connect with others. We have dug down section by section so the basement is a full and beautiful height letting in the light. We have lots of connection, fun and laughter. The entire inside is freshly painted in the style I love and the kitchen is warm with new cabinetry and wood flooring.

I have published my book and it has become a bestseller. I speak about it. I see it at Bolen Books and Chapters, and Indigo. I do public readings. It has impacted the lives of many others in a positive way. It Continues to keep selling for years to come.


Here are some of the manifestations I had six months ago that have come to fruition:


I love myself, trust myself and trust my soul – I am allowing of love and abundance. My life has fully transformed. I live in the light.

I have revolutionized my life experience and have an aligned and meaningful family village connected by love and fun.

I live in a home where I am loved and respected.

I end my work days feeling fresh and vibrant and rejuvenated – (this never used to happen and now happens about 8 days out of 10) –

my mind is clear with energy as I continue living my life fully clear and bright as a cosmic being.

I travel to conferences and workcations as much as I wish to where I grow, get inspired, and connect with others. I am a leader and connector at these conferences.

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From my home to yours,


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