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If you are a Mom, have been a wife, have been someone’s significant other. You ARE a Golden Goddess. If you have wisdom, you are a golden goddess. If you have felt pain, you are a golden goddess. If you have transformed pain, you are a golden goddess.

You are a Golden Goddess: A woman whose presence is felt whenever she enters a room. One who exudes traits of strength, understanding, intelligence, empathy to beings on earth, as well has a very strong will.

Golden Goddesses are revolutionizing our lives because we are changing our lives fundamentally and completely to fun, abundance, love, and connection. From my home to yours.


Here is what else. Us Golden Goddesses remain perfectly imperfectly human.


So, I don’t know about you, but I am kind of sick and tired of the story where the heroine has struggle, then falls down, gets their butt kicked, and then whoa, she has transformed into this beautiful, amazing, perfect, hot, sexy, slim, heroine, who has a hot guy with ginormous body parts worshiping her every move.

Fuck! What do the rest of us mere mortals do?

I don’t know about you, but I am embracing the Golden Goddess in me anyways.

Fuck this perfect shit. I get to be a Golden Goddess while I remain profoundly imperfect. So do you.

Are you, like me, still imperfect? Do you do your best, but don’t always arrive?

Do you fall down? Say the wrong thing? Get lazy? Forget to be your best self because you are tired, overwhelmed, or just plain fed up sometimes?

Maybe you, like me, are not nearly as skinny as you planned. Maybe you have not always gotten it right in terms of the way you parent your kids. Maybe you do not always get it right with the people you work with. Maybe you didn’t get it right in your marriage.

Yeah, me too.

But guess what?! We get to be Golden Goddesses anyway. Your life is a story. My life is a story. And it is still being written my dear Golden Goddess friend.

And even though many parts of our stories do not yet have the fairy tale ending, this does not mean we cannot live lives of stratospheric happiness, joy, connection, and abundance.


A Golden Goddess says, I may be imperfect still, l and my life may be imperfect still, but I am choosing to do my best. I am choosing transformation.


I already know what it is like to work hard. I already know what it is to care so very deeply about those around me. I already know how to organize the many things that life demands of me. Now, I am going to put those amazing skills, those amazing qualities to creating the best life I can. I am going to do it for me and I am going to do it for those I love.

I am a Golden Goddess and this means that I embrace strength, understanding, intelligence, empathy and that I have a strong will.

I am a woman who has wisdom and experience. I may have a sense of humour. I don’t take myself too seriously at least most of the time.

And just because I am “mature” does not mean that life is over. I have a ton more to give. I have many chapters left in my story. This life story can include whatever I want it to be.

You have many chapters left in your life too, my dear goddess friend.

We are Golden Goddesses and our quest is for life transformation. We are revolutionizing our lives to fun, abundance, love, and connection.

I, like you, want all the things in life. I want the stress of my financial life to abate. I want my loved ones to succeed, be loved, and be connected to others. I want those I love to live free of fear.

I also want to live in peace. I also want to live free of crushing stress. I also want to be loved. I also want to be connected to others.

In so many ways I, like you, have not yet arrived.

And yet, I have arrived. Totally and completely.

Despite my life not looking exactly the way I expected or wanted it to, I am choosing beauty, love, abundance, and my own inner power.

In a matter of months, doing this choosing over and over again has transformed my life and circumstances.

Like you and other Goddess heroines, I have gone through the crushing pain part, the crushing fear part, and the losing part. I have even done the profound realization part.

I am the heroine of my story, and it started some months ago. I had a life of tremendous struggle and I did not realize that I just had to change my attention to appreciate the abundance in which I live.

I invite you to do the same.

Here are the facts:

While I used to believe that life was supposed to go somewhat smoothly after a person reached adulthood, I have suffered way more than I imagined possible.

And this is what I know. Despite the above, I still get to be a Golden Goddess. Who says?! I do.

Who says you get to be a Golden Goddess?! You do. We do. We are in this together.


A Golden Goddess remains imperfect, and she is beautiful in her imperfection.


I am a Golden Goddess and despite all of the struggle, I am mostly, almost always these days, so happy.

I am so tremendously totally happy and joyful that I can’t even believe it.

I live a life of beauty, love, connection, belonging, and joy.

My experiment has worked. I changed my world by changing the way I see it. I am inviting you to do the same.

Here is how Richard Dotts, a manifestation guru says it:

“Know that the Universe always delivers to you whatever you ask for, without judgment, and there is no need to “prove” your deservingness or worthiness in any way. You can want something simply just for the sake of wanting it, because your wanting of something does not deprive another from his or her share! You are already worthy of all the good there is, and if something does not come to you, it is not because you’re not asking hard enough—but because you are unknowingly blocking it from coming to you.”

So, as a Golden Goddess, know that your good is yours for the asking. Know that you deserve happiness, love, connection, and abundance, just because you are, my dear friend a Golden Goddess.

I had spent more than a decade waiting for relief to come to me. I wanted relief from my financial stress. I have waited for my husband to love me again. I have waited for me to deal with my addiction issues. I have waited and waited for that magical bullet to appear and turn it all around. Well, no magic bullet suddenly appeared because it has been here the whole time. I just had to see what was right in front of me.

I just had to open my eyes, heart and mind to see it. And feel it. And just be.

Are you still wondering if you are a Golden Goddess? Take the Golden Goddess Quiz below:

  1. Are you a woman who has experienced love, and pain:
  2. Are you someone who wants to (even though you may not imagine it possible just now) who wants to transform your life


If you answered yes to any of the above, then you are, my dear friend, A Golden Goddess.


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