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Today, I talk with Andrea Loewen about how she dug herself out of self-loathing to self-like and finally, to self-love.



So, what happens if you feel like nobody really likes you, or you are not a valuable person? What happens if you just can’t shake the feeling that people are only pretending to like you rather than actually like you.

Andrea Loewen felt just that way. She felt she was living life on the outside and excluded from the enjoyment everyone else felt until one day, things began to change.

In her book, to be released February 4, 2019, Feeling Better: A Field Guide to Liking Yourself, Andrea shares the concrete practices and habits she developed to teach her brain and heart that she is not, in fact, a useless and repugnant waste of space, but an awesome and wholly valuable person.

Amongst the methods she used to find ways to like herself, she found healing through a gratitude practice. The interesting thing is that her gratitude practice has a beautiful twist. Her gratitude practice not only included a list of three things to be grateful for each day, she also wrote down things that demonstrated her worth, whether that be a show of worth from other people (like people being happy to see her when running into her on the street), or also times when she was proud of how she was showing up in the world (something as small she says as showing up to work on time). She says she started small in terms of what she was able to find to value in herself and as the pages in her journal grew, her appreciation of herself grew at the same time.

She also talks about the role that making things with her hands, crafting, has inspired and fed her journey to self-like and self-love.

For more about Andrea and her products check out her website at: https://andrealoewen.com/
To pre-order Andrea’s book, visit: http://www.feelingbetterbook.com/
Andrea’s Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andreatheloewen
Andrea’s Instagram: @feelingbetterguide | https://www.instagram.com/feelingbetterguide/

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