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Hello Golden Goddess friend!

To get you up to speed, I’m walking you through my journey of revolutionizing my life from a middle aged woman going through separation and divorce, struggling with money, and relationships to someone who has been revolutionizing my life. I’m taking control of my life, fitness, finances, my part in my separation and divorce, so I can move forward my life, parent our our child and be that person with the hope and possibility that life has to offer.

Today’s tool that I want to talk about is: Having a spiritual practice.

Going back as far back to when I was a child, the concept of God never resonated for me – but it may resonate for you. For me, in Sunday School learning about God, it seemed like he was so angry all the time, punishing people, and everyone’s a sinner. There was this darkness associated.

I can’t get my head around the concept of God, but if it serves you, and serves you, then great!


For me, what’s resonated for me in a huge way is the idea of there being a quantum field.


Think about the waves that bring the radio to our car, or the WiFi in our homes and offices. We can’t see those waves. But we know that there’s a signal that exists.

This is what we also know about the quantum field. Some people call it as the Universe, the Dow, or the Divine.

What I now know in my heart to be true is that quantum field is not bossy, or out to punish us, but is going to respond to us and is an intelligent, thinking substance.

My spiritual practice first started from deep pain, and deep deep fear. My husband and I had separated, and it was the most pain I have ever been in as a human. It was excruciating. So then I started getting some advice from a Spiritual Guide. At that time I learned a forgiveness practice. I’ve been doing this now for 6 years on a daily basis.

My forgiveness practice focuses on something that may have happened in a previous life. Now, when I first started this I did not believe in previous lives. I thought. “Forget it!”


But now I do believe that there are multiple lives.


It was so powerful when I started doing this forgiveness practice. My life started to change magnificently and profoundly within 3 days. I would do it for about 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes when I got home from work. I’d focus on the people who were hurting me the worst.

Just doing this exercise from Master Sha had a huge impact in my life.

I still couldn’t resonate with God, but I could imagine there being spirits and souls who were looking after me. My mom and dad looking down, being somewhere, and having my best interest at heart. Feeling their love for me that I experienced as a child.

My spiritual practice continues and is going deeper and deeper, like the layers of an onion.

Life just keeps getting better and better.


My spiritual practice has made me a better mom, a better lawyer, a better employer, a better person.


Think about for you. Your spiritual practice can be what resonates for you. Just start somewhere, with something that works, and what’s powerful. I’d love to see your comments on how the divine or your spiritual practice has helped you.

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From my home to yours,


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