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Dear Golden Goddess,

Today I want to share with you a practice that’s enhanced my life as Golden Goddess:

Being busy, having kids, being married, then having a divorce. We can get really caught up in the stress of life. In fact, I was running on empty for years. When my life really began to fall apart, my acupuncturist told me I was running on an empty tank and all I was was a ball of anxious energy.


So, how do we turn anxious energy around?


From  being so consumed in the narrative of stress: Bills, debt, relationships, work, pressure, running a business. I forgot how to be grateful.

What is there to be grateful for? When there’s so much negativity in our lives?

We live in the first world, Where we have enough to eat, we have internet, we have access to technology, we see the sunshine.


I stepped into gratitude practice.


I changed attention from being stressed all the time to seeing the actual abundance in which I live.There’s no rule about having to feel bad about the negative things in life. Be grateful for the simple things in life.


I have a gratitude journal.


I write three separate things I’m grateful for every day, and I hand write. Those three things are different every day. This forces us to start looking for things that we’re grateful for every day.

I noticed that before I used to have to think about things I was grateful for, remember, then write. Now I’m shifting more easily into gratitude all the time.


I’m taking 100% responsibility for my life, looking for answers.


Join me on this gratitude journey.

How has a gratitude practice helped you?

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From my home to yours,



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