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Today, I am chatting with Jennifer Pereira. Jennifer helps women, entrepreneurs and others recognize and reach their highest expression of themselves in life, business, and relationships. Her special cocktail is spirituality mixed with Practical business knowledge.

She works with women combining ancient wisdom, cutting edge neuroscience, to create practical solutions to life and business. She combines the significant power of science and Woo to allow women to create and be in the best version of themselves as to how they show up in their lives, their business, and how they reach financial abundance.

Jennifer is not only a coach for entrepreneurs but puts her creativity and own spirituality on deck by creating and selling digital products whose very titles spark deep interest in those of us who are wanting to connect deeply within and to be in great service.

Jennifer’s work is about heart lead living.

On transforming and revolutionizing our lives after separation, Jennifer’s piece of advice:


This is the time for a woman to step into herself more than she ever has.


There’s no cookie-cutter answer since everyone’s path is different, whether it be spirituality, separation, or divorce. Connect to your body, intuition, and self. We’re still on the same journey, but it’s the constant becoming of who am I being now and how does that change for me?

Jennifer and I also talk about “running on an empty tank”. Our bodies are so important to our health not just physically, but mentally. In today’s day and age, we are so disassociated with what our body is telling us and what it needs. This can lead to severe anxiety, or in my personal case, plantar fasciitis.

One of the most interesting things that Jennifer and I spoke about was 5D. What is 5D you ask? It’s the 5th dimension. Considering that we live in the 3rd dimension, bringing our mind, body, and spirit to the 5th dimension really encourages a life-changing experience.

You can find Jennifer at www.themodernwoo.com and connect with her on social media:

The Modern Woo Facebook and The Modern Woo Instagram

Jennifer’s Facebook and Instagram

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