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Hello Golden Goddess friend!

Today I want to talk about how we watch our diet. When I say “diet”, I mean less about food but more about what kind of garbage we can potentially put into our brains and our souls.

I’m guilty of binging on Netflix. I was watching a series that started out super happy and brought back great memories, but all of a sudden, as the series went on, every episode kept getting darker, and darker. Then I realized, “Why am I watching this?” Watching this dark entertainment, I wonder why we put this kind of crap into our brains? It’s not high vibration, and it definitely does not make our lives better.


So when I am consuming material, I always try to make sure I’m focusing on something that’s high vibration, positive, and uplifting.


We have to be careful about how much negativity we allow into our subconsious minds, and really, our minds don’t realize the difference between what’s happening in real life, and what’s happening on TV. The same negativity happens when we’re gossiping or talking behind people’s backs.

Staying away from negativity enhances our ability to be more high vibration, transforming our lives to be high vibration.


Let’s spend more time binging on funny, sillly, and fun series instead of the dark dramas and crime shows.


To watch last week’s episode, click here.

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