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Hello Golden Goddess friend!

Today I want to talk about something I feared as I was going through my breakup, separation, and divorce process:


Crushing Financial Stress.


I was coming out of working my butt off for 10 years, and finding myself going backwards financially. I felt very alone, afraid and hopeless a lot of the time

You can change your experience of your finances starting right now:

In Western society we live very abundant lives. I’d wake up regularly with my bank account terribly overdrawn. Every morning my heart would be hammering though my chest because I was so afraid of what was going to happen, what I was going to see. That went on for over 10 years.

The first thing we need to do is realize that we live in an abundant world. Even living in Western culture, we have to acknowledge that while staring at a sink full of dirty dishes that we actually have a sink. Millions of people in the world don’t have running water, a roof over their head, food in their bellies, let alone a sink to complain about.

You’ve heard me talk already about having a gratitude practice. It’s writing down 3 different things down every day that we’re grateful for. This has really changed how I look at the world. At the same time, I’ve also really wanted to get my financial ship in order! This financial stress sucks. Being afraid sucks. The fear SUCKS!

My HUGE piece of advice that’s really helped me out:


Our experience in life is created by our identity.


Let’s start with an example: I didn’t go to the gym this morning. Why? Because I don’t see myself as a gym rat. I don’t see myself as a person who spends my time loving to go to the gym. I like to exercise and go for walks, but I don’t like to spend my time in the gym.

My friend Rebecca is a gym rat and has the body to match. She’s got a ton going on with kids and a full time job, and I asked, “How often do you go to the gym?” And she says other than holidays she doesn’t go more than 2 days without hitting the gym. And that’s because she sees herself as a gym person. She doesn’t wake up in the morning and think about whether she should go to the gym. She just goes. Because that’s who she is.

In order to be financially solid and stable, it’s important to have an identity that is financially solid, stable, together, abundant.


But what if that’s not how you see yourself?


You change the identity by changing the messages in your self conscious mind. It’s brain-based science. You get very disciplined about doing a self-hypnosis identity practice. If you don’t have a local hypnotist, you can also do this yourself. Here is a link for self-hypnosis downloads that teach you how to put your brain into a Theta state.

When I’m in hypnosis, my brainwaves change to a more suggestive state. When I do that, I practice being in a state of financial abundance. A state of being financially reasonable, being in financial integrity. As I’ve been doing this, my world has been transforming on a daily, weekly monthly basis

I invite you to consider doing self hypnosis. It takes about 10 days to get the hang of it, and listen to how you can transform your identity.

I’ve also started to record my identity shifts. It’s so powerful.

I want you to experience what I’ve been experiencing – moving away from being in fear. We all get tested. But when things are scary, I blast it with love, and I can come down from that fearful place a lot quicker.

Thank you so much for being here! Want to learn more about coaching? Click here.
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From my home to yours,

Val (aka a Golden Goddess)



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