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When I was in Europe recently I met a bunch of really interesting, vibrant, amazing women who are all entrepreneurs. The interesting thing about this group of women, however, is that many of them are not European. Many of them were transplanted to where they live now. One in particular was born and raised in Hong Kong, and now finds herself in The Netherlands. On the wall in her living room is a picture that says BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED. All of these women are living in countries that they didn’t expect to be living in, and they are blooming!

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As a divorce lawyer, I meet a lot of people who find themselves in a place in their lives that they didn’t expect to be, and they now have to recreate life after divorce. Often when people come to see me they’re shocked and grief-stricken. This happens because they don’t know what their life is going to be like anymore. They used to have a picture of what their life was going to be like; they were going to grow old with somebody, have grandchildren with that somebody, continue to have family gatherings with that somebody, and then it all changed. Everything they thought was going to happen now becomes a blank slate.

What I often tell my clients is this: don’t despair! The most important thing to know is that the worst is already over. I don’t deny how much it hurts. But they now have the opportunity to recreate their life, to create a new story. I have had the privilege of watching my clients recreate their stories in such a powerful, beautiful way! Even though it seemed hopeless and overwhelming at the beginning, they took responsibility for their happiness and well-being and now they’re blooming where they were planted.

So, when life throws you a rotten curve-ball you did not expect, the thing is to look at where you are and Bloom Where You Are Planted.

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~ Val

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