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Today, I talk with Emilie Clarke about her unusual but effective way to deal with debilitating anxiety.


Emilie Clarke was the Radio announcer for 10 years at a top 40 radio station.

She “had it all.” She had the husband, the nice car, the great job, the great house etc. and yet, she felt so terribly empty.

Everything came crashing down when she started having anxiety attacks that left her feeling deeply ashamed and embarrassed. She also could not figure out why someone who “had it all” could have such a problem. Of course, she had not realized that she obsessing over her social media following, spending her days accomplishing task after task with a to-do list as long as her arm, and how she rarely, if ever slowed down. She said she tried to control everyone and everything in her life and despite a “perfect” picture on the outside, everything in her life felt like a mess.

Now, some years later, Emilie is joyfully divorced (but has a BF she adores), has chosen to be happy, all day, all the time. She is a spiritual guide and anxiety coach that helps women heal their anxiety.

Emilie says she is profoundly grateful for her anxiety because what she saw as a terrible thing sparked and inspired a new focus for her life, her career, and her overall purpose of being on this planet.  She says she has gone from feeling angst all day to freedom.

Because of her experiences, she has created the Love Your Anxiety Podcast.

Emile sought the help of her own Family Village of people when she needed it. She shares that when she was at her lowest, she sought help. She not only sought help from a really great therapist, she also leaned into having support from family and friends.


She says that human beings are stronger when we are together.


Emilie’s life has transformed from one of feeling unsafe, potentially not good enough, potentially not loveable enough, to knowing that everything is always going to be alright. She says her crown chakra has opened and now she lives her life in an intuitive way.  She is connected to herself in a way she never imagined possible.

Her anxiety, about which she originally felt such shame, has given her huge gifts. She says in her work with clients she asks what their anxiety is telling them. She says that rather than seeing our anxiety as something that causes us pain, or struggle, but instead as a teacher. Emilie goes even further to say that you might as well love your anxiety and see it as a gift of learning because “spiritual law says it will not leave you until you love it.”

Here are the books that Emilie refers to during our interview:

The Dark side of the Light Chaser – Debbie Ford

Connect with Emilie’s Instagram @loveyouranxiety and listen to her Podcast on iTunes: Love Your Anxiety Podcast

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