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Anna is a first-person advocate for Co-Parenting in Harmony and a true believer in having an outstanding blended family lifestyle. As founder of Co-Parenting in Harmony, Anna is on a mission to restore well-being that often rips divorced and blended families apart.

Anna is a Certified Master Coach Practitioner specialising in Co-Parenting. She’s passionate about guiding and helping divorced parents as well as bonus (step) parents discover and develop workable solutions so that the entire family thrives. Anna interrupts old beliefs, patterns of emotions and habits preventing parents from taking action to uncover and achieve the result they truly deserve in their new family lifestyle.

Anna is also a Certified ThataHealing Practitioner, Certified Facilitator and Parent Educator, Motivational Speaker and 2x International Bestselling author of Co-Parenting in Harmony series books. Recent book Co-parenting in Harmony: Creating A Ripple Effect, How Simple Acts of Kindness Transform The Future of Your Entire Family. Anna is a contributor to HuffPost and Thrive Global.

In our interview, Anna chats about her experience with divorce as a teenager. Since it wasn’t as common at the time, she experienced a tough battle between her mother and father, typical of how we traditionally think of divorce with everything split in the middle. It affected her self esteem, her confidence, and she didn’t know any better. But when it came her time to co-parent, she said no to the luggages back and forth and created two real homes for her son.

Anna says that the rocky parts of divorce “shakes us. It de-stabilizes us, our self confidence, that we failed” But really, it’s not about failure. She says “it’s a learning experience and forces us to look at our selves and ask ourselves why”.


“What’s the best thing that could happen if we go separate ways?”


On working with Anna, she helps divorced parents transition into their new role of co-parents. She teaches her clients how to raise children together in 2 separate homes, they still need to communicate, respect each other, respect each other’s private lives, and what needs to be communicated.


The common goal is “to raise beautiful, healthy kids, so you can both go to their wedding”.


Anna’s Books:

Co-Parenting in Harmony: The Art of Putting Y our Child’s Soul First, 2nd Edition

Co-Parenting in Harmony: Creating a Ripple Effect

You can find Anna at www.annagiannone.com. Connect with Anna on Facebook and Twitter.

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