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Are you unexpectedly single or divorced? You are unsure as to what is next in terms of rebuilding your life? Or maybe you are married but feel totally disconnected to your spouse & kids.

Even though you work a lot and interact with others all day long …..

You still feel lonely.

Maybe you feel overwhelmed at times, and although you want to feel more connected to people you care about, the last thing on earth you need is something else on your plate to do.

Maybe rather than hanging out with your kids, spouse, or your best girlfriends, you end most days exhausted while bingeing on your Facebook feed or Netflix. That is what I did.


I’m Val Hemminger

My promise to you is that if you work with me, you will transform the experience of your life to one of love, connection and belonging. Your health, finances, and relationships will reach heights that you never imagined possible.

You will feel connected to those you love and will expand Your Family Village. You will only be alone when you want to, but will never have to feel or be lonely again.

When working with me you will work to transform your life from the inside out. You will learn and develop the skill of tuning into the frequency of the abundance around you, even if it does not feel like that is even possible right now.

Your new and inspired frequency will change your life to greater and more powerful possibilities.

You are a woman in her prime of life and you will live the remainder of your life with stratospheric happiness and abundance you never imagined possible.

To get this far in life you have already had to take risks, had to open your heart, and had to live your life with courage. Now you will apply that love and bravery to the project of your best-designed life and what is possible.

Your best-designed life will include you developing your abundant family village on your own terms and with your own values. You will learn how to restructure the design of your life so that you will have more time and energy to focus on the power of creating current and new meaningful relationships that will feed your soul and give your life the deep and important meaning you know it has always meant to have.

You will do this without having to be more busy, more overwhelmed, or with more jobs stacked up on your plate.


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