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Are you a Mama in the prime of your life?

Do you find yourself SeparatedDivorced? Unattached?


My promise to you is that if you work with me, you will transform the experience of your life to one of love, connection and belonging. Your health, finances, and relationships will reach heights that you never imagined possible.


You will feel connected to those you love and will expand Your Family Village. You will only be alone when you want to, but will never have to feel or be lonely again.

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1 Payment of $197

1 Payment of $197

Your Abundant Family Village Course


Comes complete with all modules, downloads, and resources necessary to set your course for abundance in the rest of your life. 

I’m here to help you unlock breakthrough results… using methods I’ve uncovered during two decades of practicing family law.

See the Modules and Lessons for the Your Abundant Family Village Online Course right here:

Module 1: Your Identity – Be-ing the Powerful Woman and Matriarch that you are

Lesson 1: Embrace Being the Leader of Your Family

Lesson 2: Shift Your Identity to Being the Leading Matriarch

Lesson 3: How to Change Your Identity Powerfully

Lesson 4: How to Tune into Making Your Life and Relationships Crazily Abundant Right Now… without Waiting Another Second

Lesson 5: The Most Powerful and Life-Changing Skill You Will Ever Know

Lesson 6: Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone

Why going beyond your comfort zone is important… not just for you, but also for your family.

How to nurture current family & friend relationships and establish new ones.

Module 2: You & Your Vision for Your Created Family Village

Lesson 1: Why the Nuclear Family Model Sucks

Lesson 2: Design Your Life & Relationships Like You’d Design Your Dream Home

Lesson 3: If You Don’t Have Religion, Find Your Tribe

Lesson 4: Grow Your Abundant Family Village

Module 3: Life Skills & Building Relationships

Lesson 1: Never Waste a Trip

Lesson 2: Automate and Delete

Lesson 3: A Minimalistic Life

Lesson 4: Kill Procrastination – The 10 Minute Rule

Lesson 5: Take the Friendship Risk

Module 4: Communication & Avoiding the Destructive Art of Distraction

Lesson 1: Being Present Why being present is important for your family relationships

Lesson 2: Value of validation (how to talk so kids so your kids will listen) What is value of validation and why it’s important for your family

Lesson 3: The 5 Love Languages The 5 Love Languages explained

Module 5: Structures That Help You Create Your Abundant Family Village

Lesson 1: Hygge & Ghazelligh

Lesson 2: Physical Structures inform how people behave. Why physical structures matter for your family village.

Lesson 3: Work environment (communities work well together) The water cooler conversation counts

Module 6: Activities That Grow Your Abundant Family Village

Lesson 1: The art of the recurring date Keep all appointments they way you keep a doctor appointment

Lesson 2: Eating together Clean up and prep too

Lesson 3: Specific Activities List

Module 7: Your Abundant Family Village - Life & Relationships

Lesson 1: Bringing it all together Delegation: Make it your Super Power

Register for the Your Abundant Family Village Online Course!

1 Payment of $197

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