About Val

Everything I create comes from being a Hemminger. Adopted and raised by Elma (and Julius) Hemminger, outstanding and loving humans who taught me the power and force of deep love. My Mom left this world a much better place for having lived in it and I am sharing her legacy.

Our ancestors thrived because they lived in extended family groups, tribes and communities. They did not flourish while living in small, individual, little nuclear family pods. Yet, this massive nuclear family error is how so many of us today live a lot of the time.

Add to the nuclear family dynamic how busy we are, and the fact that we spend oodles of time on our personal devices, it is no wonder we feel disconnected and lonely, even when we live with people.

It is my mission to share what I learned from my parents, and to take those lessons to help others create a broad definition of family that is meaningful and connected in our busy, lonely world.