I hear that many people look back on their elementary school gym classes with fondness. Me. Not so much. My emotional experience of gym class ranged between mildly awkward to extremely humiliating. Three times each week, I loathed how my school day, that is the part...

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That God-Damned Trudeau

Dad, always left-leaning politically, was probably progressive in a way that was ahead of his time. He and my uncles would always bet a bottle of booze as to which of their favourite political parties would win each federal or provincial election. My Dad would always...

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Watching Movies With Elma

Mom said she was diagnosed with Saint Vitus Dance (or Sydenham's Chorea) as a child. Saint Vitus Dance comes from a childhood infection often brought on by rheumatic fever. Although Saint Vitus Dance most often resolves by the time people reach adulthood, Mom...

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Introduction to Growing Up Hemminger

So, um, I have been working on a memoir about how I grew up. Here is me taking a stab at saying what it is about: This is a memoir written by a profoundly imperfect person. Despite this, she hopes her story is still worth telling. Val says that everything she creates...

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Wonder Oil

Elma held two absolute and incontrovertible beliefs. One of those beliefs was in the existence of God. The other was that Wonder Oil cured everything.  Wonder Oil is still available for purchase. It is topical remedy-type oil containing cloves and menthol. It is...

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On Clearing The Kitchen Table

Never have I experienced home like I did on 11407-207 Street, in Hammond. Our house could be described as boisterous, messy, and very very busy. There were always kids in various stages of growth from small active children to sullen teenagers gripped in the throws of...

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A Day of Firsts

I have always hated the “c” word. Here is why. It was a summer day when I was about 7 or 8 years old. It would be a day of a lot of firsts. I think Hammond, our small community on the mainland area of British Columbia, represented as rather rough in the 70s. A working...

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