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So, um, I have been working on a memoir about how I grew up. Here is me taking a stab at saying what it is about:

This is a memoir written by a profoundly imperfect person. Despite this, she hopes her story is still worth telling. Val says that everything she creates comes from being a Hemminger. Raised by Elma (and Julius) Hemminger, outstanding and loving humans who taught her the power and force of deep love. Elma Hemminger left this world a much better place for having lived here. Val is sharing Elma’s legacy. Val is about creating life, business, projects, family and friendships that make our world a better place and us better people.

Val came to the Hemminger family as a baby in foster care. They adopted her. Not a day goes by without Val being deeply grateful for the love she lived in and received as a child. Although her parents are both now passed, their gift of love is with her always.

Because she was the youngest of seven children, her parents were wise and tired by the time she came along. Val’s older siblings blazed the trail for her. Before Val came along, her parents had already come across matters of teenage pregnancy, school suspensions, jail sentences, cracking up the family car, and parties that got out of control. Val could not do anything that caused Mom and Dad to become disappointed in her.

Neither of Val’s parents had anything beyond a couple of years of elementary school. Although her Mom could write in a phonetic way, Elma could not read. Dad’s reading was at a minimal level. Although Val was her parents’ priority, her grades were not.

Val is a complete disaster at sports.

Despite her family’s lack of interest in education, Val was always very interested in anything to do with school or books. Despite being kicked out of high school for a poor attendance record, Val ultimately pursued higher education and became a lawyer.

Val owns a small law firm in Victoria, British Columbia that specializes in family law and personal injury matters. She practices law with her heart.

She is married to Jameson. She has two stepdaughters, Cimon (8 years old when she met Jameson, now 24) and Jewel (2 when she met him, now 18). They have a daughter together, Davey, who is now 12 years old. Val loves her very blended family. She loves dogs, particularly misbehaved terriers named Inu.



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