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Creating a truly abundant life starts with your family village of human connection. If you’re ready to connect and grow with the ones you love the most, you’re in the right place.

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I’m Val Hemminger

My busy, stressful life led me to numb-out on social media and Netflix when arriving home tired and spent from work. My family did the same. It led me to live in a family in which I felt increasingly lonely. I felt deep shame about this. I came from a totally loving family, and yet I had lost the skill of connecting with my daughter, husband, and stepdaughters. Finally, I decided that I was not going to let the excuse of being tired from my day job interfere with my relationships. I started doing what I learned as a child! I started creating and growing the connections within my family, to extend who my “family” is, and to grow what I like to refer as my “family village”. I want to help you connect with those you live with and love. I am here to help you create your relationships within your own home and to help you create your own extended family and village. Get started by joining my private Facebook group where you can nurture real relationships online, get the support you need and get practical advice to help you create your own family village too.

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Learn to Connect More With Those You Love

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How To Help Put Divorce Lawyers Out of Work

Welcome Home! For those of you who know me, I was adopted. I was a foster child to the Hemminger family. To my luck, they decided to keep me. It was because of this fluid definition that my parents had about family, that opened up their hearts to raise more than one...

Another Simple Way You Can Build Happiness

Welcome Home! If you’ve listened to much of my material before, you’ll know that what I talk about a lot is our ancestors and how humans biochemically change when we spend time with other humans. Sometimes, I get so busy that I forget to connect with the people I live...

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Start building connection… Download “Dinner is Served” a free PDF with a simple and delicious recipe + conversation starters for the family table.

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