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Divorce can be very scary and lonely business.  Here you are at the prime of your life and wondering where to start. Because so much of what you have to do is starting over. I promise you can build a life again, one of such abundance, possibility, love, and connection, that you would never even have believed it possible. 

Start building recreating your human relationships and connection… Download “Dinner is Served” a free PDF with a simple and delicious recipe + conversation starters for your table.

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I’m Val Hemminger

I am a Golden Goddess and I invite you to be a Golden Goddess also. 

I have been a divorce lawyer for more than 22 years. At the age of 51, I found myself single, going through a stressful separation and divorce myself. I found myself having to recreate my life, some of it from scratch. 

The recent years in my marriage were ones of profound loneliness as my husband checked out and disconnected from me. I felt deep shame about the possibility of separating. On top of all of it I had lost the skill of connecting with my daughter, stepdaughters, and my family village of friends.

I had to start rebuilding my life of hope and possibility. I tuned into the abundance I lived, even though I was knee deep in financial stress, cropping up health problems, huge weight gain, and a very intense separation process with my soon to be ex-husband. Even though the circumstances of my life pretty much sucked from every angle, I chose to revolutionize my life anyways.

When I made this choice, the circumstances in my life started to improve dramatically.

I want the same for you my dear Golden Goddess friend.

I want you to revolutionize your life. Whether that is revolutionizing your relationships, your finances, your health, your body, and even your romantic life, I am here to help you make that happen.  

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Start building connection… Download “Dinner is Served” a free PDF with a simple and delicious recipe + conversation starters for the family table.

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