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You want to be happy right? But life is not that simple is it? Maybe you have financial stress like I have. Maybe you are going through a divorce, like I am. Maybe you still can’t lose the weight you have always wanted to lose. Hello! Maybe you feel lonely and isolated sometimes. Maybe, like me, you have crushing work stress.Like me, me, you may have been thinking that you have so many circumstances causing you to feel bummed out. You think, well, maybe if my circumstances could change, I could finally be happy.


Well my friends, I have the answer to finding happiness and staying there, and I want to share it with you. I am inviting you to watch me change my world. I am going to show you how you can change your crappy circumstances to happy circumstances and how to do it immediately. While I used to believe that life was supposed to go somewhat smoothly after a person reached adulthood, I have suffered way more than I imagined possible. Of course I admit that my problems are first world problems. I have enough to eat, and shelter and all the basics.

I am single in my 50s, overweight, pretty much broke, facing extreme work stress, feeling fearful thoughts at times, and wishing my divorce process was finalized. I, like you, have wanted all the things. I have desperately wanted the stress of my financial life to abate. I want my loved ones to succeed, be loved, and be connected to others. I want those I love to live free of fear. I want to live in peace. I also want to live free of crushing stress. I also want to be loved. I also want to be connected to others. I want to have financial comfort. I want to be able to stop working so damn hard all the time. So, here is how I am turning my life around, and I am inviting you to not only watch me turn my life around, but to have you, do the same. Here is what I know. The thing about success is that you don’t find success and then be happy. Happy people find success.

So, here is how you turn your life around from crappy to happy. You choose happy now. Right now. This second. And if you slip into feeling not so happy, because you are choosing to focus on your circumstances at any given moment, you go back to the happiness.


You choose to focus on what makes you happy.


Ditch watching stressful shows, news programs and the like. Start filling your mind, heart, and being with stuff you enjoy, positive images, funny shows, things that delight you. Focus on being happy. Just like that. And focus on what make you happy. So, I have chosen to be happy right now. I am choosing to be happy and to enjoy all the little things in life even though the above noted circumstances have not yet changed. Even though the above-noted circumstances have not yet changed, who I am BE-ing has changed. I am happy right now, this second.

This is what I know. Where we put our attention is where things in our life manifest. What do I do that delights me and fill my life with that take nothing in terms of work or extra effort on my part? Stuff I can do right now?

  • I walk in the woods
  • I watch upbeat shows, never dark ones.
  • I listen to audio books that make me feel good in my being.
  • I practice gratitude every.
  • I look people in the eye.
  • I connect with others.
  • I get so excited when I hear the sound of the abundant rain falling on the trees.
  • I am blown away when I see a patch of sunlight, light up some ground or part of a leaf.
  • I get so happy and excited when I see an act of kindness.

But mostly I choose to direct my attention to be happy. And if I start to wallow, as I sometimes do, I change my attention back to that happy place. Here is the thing. By the very act of viewing our world, we physically change our world. Science has proven this to be true. This goes much deeper than “The Secret.” It is not only about us creating abundance by seeing it in our mind’s eye. It is about us creating abundance by expecting it. More importantly, it is about creating abundance because we are already in the flow of abundance. By seeing what is abundant around us. Abundance, happiness, joy, satisfaction is not something that we are waiting for. We are not hoping or asking for an abundant future, but instead we recognize and truly see the abundance in which we live right now. That then manifests our abundance in the now and in our future.


It is what creates our happiness.


I have the same circumstances (except I no longer live with my husband) I did months ago, only now I am happy with them. Before, I felt deeply embroiled in struggle. I am so tremendously totally happy and joyful that I can’t even believe it. I live a life of beauty, love, connection, belonging, and joy. Sure, sometimes I slip into the dark as we all do, but I realize it is up to me to again choose the light. So, instead of focusing on being fatter than I want to be, broker than I want to be, and all of those frustrating things, I focus on all the abundance in which I live:

  • I live close to the forest and I can go there almost every day and I love that so much;
  • I love the rain, and it is winter, and I can often here the rain pouring upon our earth giving it richness and life;
  • I am so very grateful for my amazing daughter who, even though only 15, seems to carry an amazing deep wisdom;
  • I am so grateful for the upbringing had which included so much unconditional love;
  • I am grateful for the home in which I live;
  • I am grateful for how much I love my dog

And the list goes on and on and on.

So, it is that I choose love, joy, abundance, gratitude, and I change my attention when part of my mind tells me I should be stressed.


I am choosing happy. You can too.


Why not look to our world from the place of gratitude and happiness and watch it change. We can choose our happiness in any given moment. We can feed our minds, our souls, our relationships with happiness. How do you make yourself happy? How do you tune into the frequency of happy?

I would love to hear your story.

On the Story:

Do you ever feel you were meant to be more than you are? That you are meant to be more, contribute more, do more? Yes, me too.

So, you get how in our western literature, the hero or heroine, has an arrogance problem perhaps,or some other personal flaw, or some need for learning. Then they are smacked down hard, and go through some pretty intense pain. They then have a realization, reckoning of sorts with something greater than themselves which inspires them to have this amazing growth and comeback? They then come back stronger, and more powerful than ever? Their lives are refreshed and anew, and amazing and powerful.

Well, your life is a story. My life is a story.

Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end. In the beginning (I would say our childhood) we set up our hero (or heroine) and, then unexpected things are thrown at us. Those unexpected things cause us a great deal of heart ache, pain, angst. In essence, we feel buried in all the stress and trouble life has heaped on. But what if you ask what I had been asking. What if you have gone through the crushing pain part, the crushing fear part, and the losing part. You have even gone through the realization part, but still the pain is there. Well, that is what has happened with me so far. Pain, fear, losing, realization, and a new understanding. I have even done the profound realization part. Yet, here I am still me.

Do you ask yourself? What if I am the hero in my story who has not yet arrived?

So, let’s go.

Despite my circumstances not changing much lately, I am still so happy.

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From my home to yours,


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