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Nicole Amaturo is a Personal Growth & Love Coach who helps women all over the world heal after divorce, step into their power, and manifest love through self-love. Nicole holds a B.A. in Education and Psychology, as well as an M.A. in Holistic Health from Georgian Court University. Nicole is a divorced mom of three teenagers who is now lucky enough to recently share a fourth with her new love.

She is on a mission to share her lessons in self-love and worth that she implemented herself in order to attract this dream love and life she has today. She is a certified in best-selling author Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities program. Nicole is also a graduate of Gabrielle Bernstein’s Spirit Junkie Masterclass. Writing is Nicole’s second love and is an active contributor to the Worthy blog.

Nicole and I chat about how we can grow and heal after our separation and divorce. Why we do and act the way we do in times of angst, and the first steps in healing.


Nothing is ever happening to us. We aren’t victims. It’s always happening for us, we just need to see the lesson in it.


It’s important to understand that our souls were put on this planet to evolve, to learn from and grow from. No matter how great the pain of our divorce, even though it sucks at times, the pain of the divorce is nothing like the pain we experienced during our marriage.

Nicole also talks about how important it is to understand the lesson that our soul came here to learn from and grow from. What makes us, us, are the beliefs that we gained from our childhood experiences. From there, as we grow older, what we perceive in our reality is a mirror image of what we have playing in our minds like a movie reel. It’s what we believe to be true in our lives. What this really means, is, what we feel on the inside attracts what we see in real life and what we attract in real life.


Painful experiences are blessings.


Nicole also runs Healed & Free After Divorce is a program. It’s a fun program she runs a few times per year. This is a 14 day deep dive, transformational course. It’s an overhaul of understanding why we’re attracting who we’re attracting, understanding that we’re supposed to be where we’re supposed to be. And becoming free. No more blame, no more anger, no more resentment, but taking control back and taking our lives back.
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Nicole also runs Heal in 21, a digital course that can be accessed anytime and is for healing after divorce.

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