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Hello Golden Goddess friend!

Today, I’m continuing to talk about what we can do as Golden Goddesses to transform our lives from middle aged women to the steps we can take to become Golden Goddesses.

In this post, I’m focusing on the power of our spoken word.

Our words are so powerful, that we can actually speak things into existence. If we’re always complaining about money, kids, life, we’re actually pulling that identity and experience into our lives. That being said, the opposite is true.


The more we speak about things we’re appreciative and grateful for, the more that this comes into our lives.


We are powerful.

Have you ever noticed that the grumpy person whose life always seems to suck? They’re always down, and always ticked off and mad that their life always does seem to suck? And then there are people who seem to spend time enjoying life, and more of the joy and awesomeness that comes to them.  Why not focus up on what brings us joy?

As an example, I was in a long, grueling meeting that of course, went longer than expected. By the end of it, I was hangry, tired, and just wanting to get home to my kid. I stepped outside, and it was colder than expected, and I couldn’t find my car. Turns out, my car got towed (because I was there longer than expected). So at that point, I had a choice. I could have completely lost it and been super upset.

But as I was standing there, waiting for a taxi and trying to figure out who towed my car, I realized: “I’m in a position in my life right now, that I live in a city that I can wave a taxi down. I’m only 10 minutes away from hanging out with my kid. Even though my car has been towed, I’m grateful because I have the financial ability to get it out of the lot and I’ll get it tomorrow.”

I thought,

“I’m just going to be grateful for this life irritation, and how I can choose in this moment to complain, freak out, and be upset, or embrace the fact that in which the abundance I live.”


When we complain, we do speak things into existence. So, as Golden Goddesses transforming our lives, we’re careful about the words we say. we’re careful how we’re speaking things into existence.

Please leave a comment about something positive you’ve said in your life, and spoken into existence!

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From my home to yours,


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